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Planning a Working Vacation in San Francisco

July 1st, 2023 Local Tips

In the era of remote work, combining business and leisure has become a popular trend. And what better place to embrace it than the vibrant city of San Francisco? With its thriving tech industry, stunning views, and cultural diversity, the City by the Bay offers a perfect backdrop for a working vacation. To help you make the most of your time and find balance between productivity and enjoyment, here are some valuable tips for planning a successful blend of getaway and work in San Francisco.


Choose the Right Accommodations 
When planning a productive escape, it’s crucial to choose accommodations that offer a conducive environment for work. That’s what makes Hotel Caza such an ideal option! Dedicated in-room workspaces and property-wide high-speed Wi-Fi add up to the ideal place to blend work and off hours. Plus, we’re centrally located and convenient to transit — so we’re always close to any professional hubs and/or meeting centers you may need to get to during your visit.


Plan Your Work Schedule
Once you’ve got your stay squared away, you’ll want to establish a clear work schedule before your leave to ensure you allocate sufficient time for both work and leisure activities. Identify specific work hours and set realistic goals for each day. Make sure to plan ahead for any time-zone differences, as well. Designate blocks of time for focused work, while also allowing for breaks to explore the city's attractions. Stick to your schedule as much as possible to maintain productivity while still enjoying all that San Francisco has to offer.


Explore Co-Working Spaces
Prefer a more office-feel environment during work hours? No problem! San Francisco boasts a multitude of co-work spaces, offering flexible work environments and networking opportunities. Consider dropping a bit of your travel budget to clear your to-do list at a co-working space. Not only can this enhance your productivity, but it will also expose you to like-minded professionals and potential business connections! Co-work spaces nearby to Hotel Caza include Industrious, Spaces at Levi’s Plaza, AvantSpace, and Satellite CoWork.


Utilize Productivity Tools 
By making use of various productivity tools and apps, you can ensure you’ll stay organized and efficient during your working vacation. Tools like project management software, calendar apps, and note-taking applications can help you manage your tasks, schedule, and collaborate with colleagues remotely. Stay on top of deadlines, set reminders, and track your progress to ensure you stay productive while still making time to enjoy the city.


Take Advantage of Off-Peak Hours 
San Francisco is always bustling with activity, especially during peak hours. So why not  optimize your working vacation by taking advantage of flexible remote-work schedules? Try scheduling your work during off-peak hours in order to experience even more of what the city has on-tap. This approach allows you to avoid heavy traffic, crowded spaces, and long queues at San Francisco’s more popular attractions. By strategically planning your work around quieter periods, you can enjoy a more relaxed and focused work environment while still having time to explore can’t-miss landmarks.


Prioritize Must-See Attractions
Speaking of which, San Francisco offers a plethora of attractions — but it can be daunting to balance work and sightseeing. Before your trip, create a list of must-see attractions and prioritize them based on your interests and available time. Optimize your itinerary by visiting nearby attractions on the same day to minimize travel time. This way, you can make the most of your working vacation without feeling overwhelmed or rushed. Not sure where to start? Check out our previous post, “Visitors’ Guide to Top San Francisco Attractions” for some great suggestions. 


Embrace What Makes San Francisco Unique 
San Francisco is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, cultural events, and natural beauty. While here, be sure to take advantage of your working vacation by exploring these “only here” experiences. Sample the city's famous restaurants, attend local festivals, or discover art exhibitions. Make time to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking in the nearby parks or taking a stroll along the waterfront. Immersing yourself in San Francisco's vibrant culture will enrich your experience and make your working vacation truly memorable.


Work and Play During a Caza Stay
A working vacation in San Francisco allows you to combine professional obligations with the pleasures of exploring our remarkable city. Using these guidelines will help you strike the perfect balance between work and play, maximizing your productivity while still enjoying the many attractions the city has to offer. When you’re ready to plan, be sure to check out our Special Offers Page. We’ve custom-built some special San Francisco travel deals packages sure to suit your style when it comes to business, and pleasure!




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